Child Medical Malpractice Suit

I went to Mr. Young with my own suspicions in our case and with his help I received answers that I didn't even know that I had. With his help and the help of his wonderful paralegal we went through the hardest time of our lives with them by our side all the way. He is very thorough, and takes his job very seriously. When you are his client he makes you feel like you are the only one he has. He is very devoted to the legality of a case, but more important he is devoted to you as a person. He took our family under his wing and guided us every step of the way. It was if he had lost our daughter even though he had never met her. She wasn't just a case. She was a person to him. I have had only high praises to say about him to anyone that would listen. I would recommend him to anyone. Many times lawyers get a bad reputation as "ambulance chasers" not Mr. Young he doesn't work that way. He is out for justice and answers, not just compensation. A small personal firm but with a wealth of background and knowledge to back it up. Honestly, I never "googled" him until our case was over and I sat back in awe of his accomplishments and background and that was after the fact.

In closing, I must say he is a wonderful lawyer as well as a wonderful person. That does make a difference in the line of work he is in.

Helping Secure My Grandson's Future

Professional, respectful and supportive, Mr. Young successfully represented our family in a very complicated wrongful death suit. Prior to his birth our grandson's father unnecessarily and very prematurely died. Throughout the case, Mr. Young clearly and honestly communicated with us. He never promised us a settlement, he just promised us his best effort. Thanks to Mr. Young's diligence and thorough knowledge of the law, our grandson has a more secure future. Thank you Mr. Young.

Grateful Client

Very grateful for the services that were provided by Roger Young and his firm. He took what seemed like a complicated ordeal and was able to lay the facts out, to give our family the legal options that we were looking for. He helped my family recover fair compensation for our loses. I would recomend Mr. Young and his staff to anyone seeking legal counsel.

Malpractice Suit

Roger L Young law firm represented me in a malpractice suit. The level of professionalism from Mr Young and his staff was second to none. During the entire process, I felt very comfortable and secure in Mr. Young's judgement. If the need arises that I should need any legal assistance again I would not hesitate to call Mr. Young. I highly recommend the Roger L. Young law firm.

Outstanding Representation

Following a horrible head-on car crash in which I was badly injured by an uninsured driver, I met with Mr. Young and was completely reassured that he would handle my case in as timely and thorough a fashion as possible. Mr. Young advised my husband and me regularly and kept close tabs on every stage of my rehabilitation. He showed great sensitivity to my emotional state, level of pain and frustration. I developed an even stronger sense of trust in Mr. Young's experience, knowledge and intelligence as the case progressed. He was able to resolve the situation even sooner than I expected and I was very grateful for the compensation that Mr Young was able to secure to help me move forward.

An Inspiration

Mr. Young inspired me during my case. He kept me informed about everything, and was knowledgeable about everything my family needed. He was committed and dedicated to making sure that I got quality service and was treated fairly. He was very dependable and resourceful. I didn't have to worry about what the outcome was to be. I would recommend his services to anyone that wanted justice.